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The centre has been established in the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and the concept of foundation has been created out of the personal vision of Dr.Ibrahim Hassan Al Mulla, being the general manager and founder of the centre, and as a result of the due guidance and recommendations of a group of specialized professors and experts from different fields. Also the idea of founding such centre in Dubai has been inspired through the constant contacts between Dr.Ibrahim Al Mulla and other world institutions and academies which are engaged in activities similar to those of the Emirates International Law Centre, as well as his participation in several law conferences.

Also among the other reasons behind the establishment of the centre there have been the rapid economic development and the rapid movement in investments which have been witnessed on a world level and by the Arab region in general and the United Arab Emirates in particular. All such things have pushed legislators and law experts to take interest in any such changes that have occurred in the business fields and consequently they have been of the opinion that there should be made some form of adaptation between the existing laws and legislations and any such developments in business fields. To choose the location of the law centre to be in Dubai has not been without any logical reasons. In fact Dubai has acquired such an outstanding position in such vital fields including economy trade and tourism. In view of this situation Dubai has turned into a focus of attraction for investors from different parts of the world as it has achieved the highest rates of economical success.

In view of the current situation of the region and the emirate of Dubai in particular, it is expected that Emirates International Law Centre will play a vital and positive role in the spreading of law knowledge in the region and enhancing the tools of success as required for any civil community. This objective can be achieved through organization of the different relationships between the different parties and through resolving any such problems relating to law as well as any such contractual problems which are facing the different sectors, whether on a local or international level. To resolve any such problems as mentioned, there should be always organized seminars, training programs, workshops in addition to regional and international conferences. Such events shall focus on analyzing and investigating the latest developments in the region, and this shall be the main target of Emirates International Law Centre.


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